Mar 292019

We all know the basic overview of what Pocahontas is all about. The real Pocahontas was married off to a colonizer when she was around the age of fourteen. She then trotted around as a “savage” until she got sick and died. Her culture and relatives all were killed off. However, the Disney production we all have come to know and love kind of fluffed the movie out quite a bit. It downplays the actual historical relevance that it is and gives off this false sense of reality. Pocahontas is a brutal and sad story, and Disney seems to downplay it and tries to falsify what actually happened. [...]

Mar 222019

Fosters home of Imaginary Friends -> Real life orphanage

I think it would be a cool concept to take this show and turn it into a real life version of itself. The premise of the show is that imaginary friends co-exist with humans and they wait to be adopted by children. I think this concept would be a cool concept to make those imaginary friends into real life personalities that children could choose to be apart of when they reach a certain age of maturity. Or i could translate it to how children at a certain age leave their imagination behind due to real world consequences.. Something along those lines not sure yet i just like this topic and feel like there are multiple directions i could go. [...]

Mar 222019

1. Movies to Warnings

There are tons of movies that allude to the downfall of countries, the apocalypse, and government conspiracies, and even future innovations. These movies are supposed to be for entertainment purposes. However, they’re actually warning signs to the audience, foreshadowing the events that are to come. Movies like the Purge, Dawn if the Dead, What Happened to Monday, and even Back to the Future are all movies that are warning us about the future of humanity. Instead of keeping these in a movie genre, I want to translate these types of movies into warning commercials.

2. College Tours to College Nightmares 

While going my orientations nd college visit/tour at FAU, I was as immediately reeled in by the beautiful campus, beach-ish location, fun events, and the cafeteria. [...]

Mar 222019

As i assume everyone knows, memes can be found almost anywhere nowadays. Flipping through your favorite social media apps, sent amongst friends and family, or even used as advertisements. Memes are used as a form of comedy that can bring light to political issues, well known scandals, advertise businesses, and of course their original intent is simply making people laugh. Id like to pick a few memes meant to be simple and write a description digging into the meanings behind them that may not be seen at face value. [...]

Mar 222019

I had a few ideas. Some impossible, but good think about.

  1. Any Miyazaki movie as a rock opera: I would find it incredibly interesting how it could be possible to translate something that is so somber and quiet, but contains so much radical and mystical visual flair, into something that would be full of noise and music. It’d be hard to replicate, but considering Spirited Away has an entire scene on a train that lasts literally around 6 or so minutes in dead silence, it’d be cool to try and see how another genre would use that silence and convey something with it that the original movie couldn’t.
  2. Near-Amish Romances done in the same style as one of those sports animes: When you get down to it, sports animes (The ones with a team full of one gender who all work for a “cause” but it’s kind of almost a metaphor for friendship but also a metaphor for sex) are incredibly sterile, especially the ones that appeal to young adult females.

Black Mirror

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Mar 222019

Black Mirror episodes into realistic news paper articles?

Black Mirror is a show on Netflix that, as per Google’s description, “explore techno-paranoia”. It uses these extreme technologies to resemble what could happen to a society if these things were implemented. I think it would be interesting to change some episodes into news articles that would be similar to what would happen if some of these technologies were actually used. Some technology include, implanting a device into a child’s head that allows the parents to control what the child sees and hears, it acts a tracking device, and it also stores all of what the child sees; there is a technology for a new game that is implanted into a guy’s head that takes virtual reality to a new level; and technology that can upload your soul to an eternal heaven. [...]

Genre Translations

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Mar 212019

“Fox on Socks” by Dr. Seuss —> Why Foxes don’t wear socks 

Fox on Socks is an annoyingly nonsensical children’s story full of tongue twisters. I want to change this books text to something intelligible, a common sense story which explains the ridiculousness of this book. It will point out the absurdity of the story and the incorrect vocabulary.  

“The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss —> The epic story of a Consumerisms victory over mother nature 

I want to take the tale of the Lorax, trying in vain to save mother nature from the industrial age and turn it into a tale of victory and triumph for mass production and materialism. I find this interesting because no matter how many generations have grown up hearing the cautionary tale of The Lorax and how things will not change unless we care a whole lot, we still continue to destroy our planet. [...]

Mar 212019

-Anti-dating site

Do you like to date people? Neither do we. But we can fix that at, where you can find your cynical soulmate. Our dating website pools the angriest population into one online lover’s roulette, separated by pet peeves, similar dislikes, and other general woes against the world to create an agreeable existence between two hate-filled beings. Instead of finding out these difficulties to mesh throughout the date, relationship or conversation, you have disagreements in advance–possibly shared disagreements–and have more time to explore interests. You do you and, occasionally, each other. It would be an interesting transition from the standard way of dating via common positive interests.

-Food/Cooking blogs into online therapy room sessions

You know how every time you look up a recipe, you instead find the life story of a babyboomer’s “dramatic” episodes or the craziness of their six-figure, retired lifestyle– and the recipe in fine print at the very bottom of the page? [...]

Mar 212019

Lifetime Films: TV Movie Dramas ⇒ Parody News Articles

I checked how many Lifetime movies have been written, cast, shot, and distributed–I suppose out of curiosity–and there’s over 630 of them. This would be quite an achievement if they weren’t all fundamentally the same, equally low-quality, and constantly over-the-top. In fact, the genre’s been stretched to the point where the drama that appears on-screen is outrageous, unbelievable, and oversaturated with random kidnappings and decade-long revenge plots. What’s interesting to me about the genre is that viewers are so used to the drama itself that it can be easy to overlook how unintuitive or unrealistic the plot is. I haven’t chosen a specific movie yet, but I’d love to rewrite the plot of a ridiculous Lifetime film in a journalistic, seemingly real, news article (almost like a mockumentary). [...]

Mar 202019

The office handbook

The office is easily a show that is seen as  a cult classic in the realm of television sitcoms.  However it is obvious to anyone fan of the show that the office in “The Office” is not a environment meant to be conducive to productivity despite of the success of the Dundermifflin branch. This ever apparent disrespect for the traditional work environment is why I feel as though a multitude of the episodes can be used to build a handbook of prohibited behavior.

The princess and the complete waste of time.

The Disney film “the Princess and the Frog” we are given our first black disney princess, however her story differs in many ways beyound just her skin color. [...]

Genre Translations

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Mar 192019

New Edit: “There’s no such thing as a stupid question”

  • I think many people can agree with me that there is such thing as a stupid question. Whether it’s when working in a group project and you have a detailed list of the project and the requirements at hand, or when the teacher has specifically stated instructions to something three times in a row for the past three days and some student still asks you “what are we doing?” Even at work people get asked stupid questions all the time by co-workers or even by family. Needless to say there are A LOT of examples for when a stupid question is asked and while I do agree that if you have a question on something you should ask it otherwise you’ll be lost, it would make school, work, or family gatherings way more enjoyable if such questions came up less frequently.

Genre Translation

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Mar 192019

True Crime Podcasts –> Recorded as comedies to encourage consumer enjoyment.

Podcasts have grown in both producers and listeners over the last few years. True crime podcasts consistently top the charts, but what makes some of them so successful? Deep diving into the horrific minds of serial killers with dark humor and comedic elements to make hearing these crimes fun.For example LPOTL has become a mogul podcast of telling disturbing stories in hilariously messed up sense fashion that has become a cult following.

Walt Disney World –> The Happiest Place On Earth to Wait In Lines

Literally paying $125 to wait in hour long lines with sweaty adults and screaming children. [...]

Mar 192019

Seeking Fame/Money

The common notion with people that want fame is that once they reach it or attain it, it will make them happy. However, far too often it doesn’t make people happier and can even make them sadder/depressed.  Lady Gaga, Russel Brand, and Cara Delavigne are just a few examples of this. So my translation is that fame should be seen as a curse and not a blessing.


This can possibly also be applied to money; once I become rich, I will be happy. Many times, the sudden accumulation of wealth becomes more of a curse and less of a blessing also. The same way fame is thought of giving happiness through attention or glory, money does so with materialism. [...]

Mar 192019

Finding Nemo a la Son of Batman

While the relationships of the protagonist in a film noire to their objective isn’t always necessarily familial, the lessons achieved from their pairings reimagines the main character undoubtably. The journey taken by Marlon is filled with strife, new knowledge and a willingness to achieve his ultimate goal; the rescue of his beloved son. A rendition of The Sopranos would be honestly life-changing as a retelling through Finding Nemo would challenge the cinematic conventions that makes such pathos in stories quite powerful. I just believe that a film noire retelling would ultimately highlight or contextual those comedic breaks offered by Dory–making her habitual forgetfulness a crutch to the overly dour clownfish. [...]

Mar 192019

Mallory Guillaume

March 20, 2019


Genre Translation Prewriting



  • Former Disney Stars Gone Bad!


    • Growing up we all loved watching those reality Disney Channel shows and movies, from That’s so Raven, Hannah Montana, to High School Musical. Many were admired and even considered to be role models, but sadly a few of our beloved actors/ actresses has taken a twisted turn for the worst such as Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and a recently surfaced actor Kyle Massey sued for sexual misconduct with a minor! This is a progressive and visible issue.. What’s going on with Disney?


  • Conspiracy Theories? or  The Truth!


    • What would young children do without cartoons?